From the President

April 2014

Just like Spring, the newsletter is late. I broke my pencil and my pen ran out of ink. Well so much for excuses, but the newsletter is and always has been a hard thing to get out on a regular basis.

Some of the other clubs are blessed to have journalist members that know how to put it all together like the Peach State chapter of the CLC. What it takes to get the articles and pictures then put it all together is a big job. Paula & Russell are doing the best job since I have been president and deserve a big thank you. One of the biggest problems is getting articles or interesting tidbits from our membership, and I know you say, I don’t have any interesting stories. Well, just by owning an Allante I think you do. What caused you to buy an Allante? Where have you taken it that people have asked you about it? Where did it have problems, and how did you fix it? Who has serviced it, that you would recommend? What interesting trips have you taken it?

These are just a few ideas for you to think about. I know very well how precious time is these days, but try if you can to jot down something you would like to share and email it to Paula & Russell. We can edit and polish your stories if you would like. Just send your basic story and/ or ideas. While I am on a roll here, pictures are always appreciated, and they enhance the stories so well. Okay, so that completes my plea.

We have great adventures in store for the rest of the year as top down season cranks into high gear! We are offering opportunities to participate in other clubs’ activities and other national and local car events, to expand our fun times with our magnificent cars. Please check your calendar as well as the website which is filled with information and pictures. Our webmaster, Thomas B is doing an incredible job for us. Not only can you learn about future events, you can also see what you missed. We have a great history and it is on the website for your enjoyment. We have a fantastic club with fabulous members, all you have to do is participate and ENJOY!

Looking forward to fun times ahead this year.

Norman Penfield - President AACC