September 2015

After surviving a long hot summer with the top up and the A/C on, it is time to enjoy the fall with the top down.  We will be discussing the pull-down motor again in the upcoming tech session.  As with mine, it's all in the adjustment and making sure the lower edge of the gasket/molding doesn't rub against the latch and knock out of alignment. 

Another topic for the tech session will be discussing window motor replacement in the '93 models.  There are some really good tips for the other years, but since the '93 is completely different, there is not much to be found. 

I recently replaced my driver's side motor.  It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  However, there is a special Kent Moore J-38864 Window Regulator Spring required for removing the spring.  These vary widely in price, depending on where you purchase.  I bought mine on eBay for $28.  I wouldn't attempt doing this without this tool.  You may remove a finger along with the spring.  I’ll bring the tool and a few photos to the session for show and tell.

Bill Corn - Technical Director