Featured Member James Sebastian

October 2015

Our member spotlight this quarter features Jim Sebasitian of Kennesaw, Georgia. Jim joined the Allante' club in 2009.

There is another side to Jim Sebastian, other than the Club’s Secretary & Treasurer. Jim is also a well-respected Councilman for the City of Kennesaw. He is a busy, busy man as evidenced by the published calendar for Kennesaw.

Jim has been very involved in the many important duties of a Councilman and takes his responsibility very seriously and is a fine example of a civic-minded citizen. Sandy Harzak stands with him, supporting his many events and activities. Together they do a great job representing the City of Kennesaw.

In addition to his responsibilities to the City of Kennesaw; our club has the added advantage of his talent, effort and countless hours ensuring we meet all of the responsibilities of our non-profit club in reporting of our taxes and numerous other tasks. We are grateful and lucky to have such a committed member. The Allante’ Atlanta Car Club is proud of Jim and Sandy. And we are especially happy when they are able to join us for fun and relaxation on a cruise or social event.