MAY 2013

Here we go again….Summer is upon us and already very warm but we still like to drop the tops on our beautiful Allante’s and enjoy the fresh air and good times with our Allante friends. We had a good number of our members make the trip to Lake Guntersville State Park for a most enjoyable day and evening.

We were able to put the tops down for a little while when we visited Lake Guntersville State Park May 18th/19th. The skies were cloudy and we had some intermittent rain. I think we all had the tops down for about 20 minutes before we decided the clouds were getting a little too dark. But it was nice while it lasted. The rain curtailed our walking and hiking the trails in the Park but we enjoyed the covered patio and the beauty of the Lake from the Lodge terrace and from the re-opened campground. The vistas from the Lodge and the Campground were pretty impressive for the natural beauty and scenic views.

We did manage a nice drive into Guntersville for luncheon at The Rock House Eatery, a kinda funky little restaurant with delicious food and yummy desserts (think white chocolate cranberry bread pudding!) The restaurant manager had our table ready for us with a nice little chalkboard identifying our group. Upon our return to the Lodge, we decided to meet in the Lobby and play an impromptu “liars” game. Not sure who told the biggest one but we had a few….at least we think they were lies! The ladies started their own little game of using the alphabet letters to identify animals. Naturally our wizard, Linda Penfield, aced the entire alphabet. We all contributed animal names except for the letter X. Linda was able to Google “ X” for names of animals…never heard of the xenops (bird) or the xanthiadae (x-ray fish).

We enjoyed our drinks and social time on the covered terrace and watched a lovely outdoor wedding take place adjacent to the terrace. The bride carried a lovely sunflower arrangement; the groom looked warm with the heavy humidity. But it was still a nice treat for us to watch the ceremony and the photo session. We adjourned to our rooms to freshen up for dinner at the Lodge. We enjoyed dinners ordered from the menu or the delicious buffet served in the Dining Room. I think perhaps we heard more lies at dinner. But it was fun.

Sunday morning after our breakfast buffet most everyone headed home. Russell and I however went in search of Buck’s Pocket State Park for their overlook. We found it after a few county roads and wondering if we were getting lost. The overlook as promised in the write-up was spectacular. But this park is suffering from neglect. I guess the economy hit the state parks in Alabama as well. It needed some TLC but was safe to walk to view the huge gorge. After that little adventure we too headed home.

The moral of the above weekend description is that the weather doesn’t keep us from exploring beautiful areas in our Allante’s; nor does it keep some members from venturing out with us. We always enjoy the drives in our Allante’s, the fellowship of our members and of course good food and drink.

We continue to invite you to join us on our cruises, be it overnight or just for the day. Be sure to look for the Evite on June’s day cruise which will be issued soon. We have more adventures to enjoy and seek your comments.

Where's my boat! See you next time.

Paula Vopelak - Vice President

Members on Trip

Norman and Linda Penfield

Russel and Paula Vopelak

Budd and Darr Neidig

Coleman and Darlene Armstrong

Art and Brenda Sevelius

Thomas and Shaun Boyland

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