JULY, 2013

AACC Joins the Cadillac LaSalle Club for the Grand Nationals

Happy Summer Everyone!

I attended my first Cadillac LaSalle Grand National in 2007 in Savannah, GA when the Peach State Region hosted the event. I was hooked.

I was showing two 1993 Allante’s then –our Pearl White and Pearl Red. The Pearl Red found a new owner at that meet: Francene and Henry Flesch of Connecticut who subsequently joined the Allante’ Atlanta Club as well. Both cars won First Place in our class. I came home with two awards for my Hobby/Car Room. But later I chose to give Francene the Senior badge for the car. But I have the picture!

Since then, I’ve attended three other Grand National Meets: Cherry Hill, NJ; St. Augustine, FL; and Boston (Quincy) MA.

At the Boston meet I showed my 1992 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance. Yes, that’s a mouth full but the car is 18 ½ feet of beauty, comfort, and Cadillac style. It has now 37,000 miles on it from the drive up to Boston and the drive back to Cumming. We traveled in style and enjoyed every minute of it.

At the Grand National Meets, I have found it’s more a family reunion….with cars. You always see someone you met at a previous meet, or someone who now owns an Allante’ or a ’92 Brougham or any other Cadillac. You all become friends with a common interest, preserving one of the finest “Standard of the World” automobiles. I attend because I enjoy seeing the cars and their beauty and style. I find a vast pool of knowledge from other owners on just about any Cadillac or LaSalle—even if I don’t have an interest in that year of Cadillac. I’m impressed with the preservation and/or the restoration, and the festivities. The reception, the tours, exploring a new city all adds to enjoyment. And, winning a First Place in my Class adds another awesome reason to attend a Grand National. Yep, that’s right the Gold Firemist Fleetwood Brougham d’Elegance won First Place in our Class. It’s nice to add other award to the wall.

Rusell Vopelak - Vice President's humble husband