Our annual winter dinner was at Pappdeaux’s, a unique seafood restaurant. We met at 6:30 in a private dining room that was provided for us for cocktails and appetizers. Among the appetizers, fried alligator tail (tastes like chicken)! The room had a big screen TV with Barrett Jackson’s car auction playing with some amazing cars and exorbitant prices that contributed to the lively conversations.

We enjoyed an amazing dinner and lively conversation catching up with news and making plans for 2012. After dinner, our President Norman Penfield gave his annual appreciation speech and he noted the passing of two of our most active and beloved members, Harvard Kniffen and Dennis Guthrie. We miss them so much and are grateful for the good times we shared with these two amazing men. V.P., Paula Vopelak then gave her annual speech telling us about a few of the plans she has for us this year.

This is the time of year when we pay tribute and give thanks to the officers who have served the club during the previous year and introduce the upcoming officers. Our wonderful long time treasurer, Bernice Kniffen resigned her office and James Sebastian will be taking over as treasurer in 2012. We know he will do a great job. James and Sandy Harazak are also doing the newsletter for the club. Doug Jackson will once again be our technical advisor.

Norman Penfield and Paula Vopelak will be President and Vice President respectively in 2012. Paula plans the trips and activities for the club and she has an amazing line up for us this year including a visit to Talladega Speedway and a day trip on a Southern Railway train. It is going to be an exciting fun filled year for this group! We’ll have those tops down on and be on the road again soon!

Happy New Year! See you next time.

Paula Vopelak - Vice President

Members on Trip

Linda and Norman Penfield

Paula and Russ Vopelak

Darlene and Coleman Armstrong

Anna May and Doug Jackson

Suzanne and Howard Cohn

Carolyn and Bill Fallis

Delmar Brinkley and Guest Andi

Bobbie Ray and Guest Sharon

James Sebastian

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