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St. Patricks Day Celebration
SAT MAR 17, 9:00AM

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello Cadillac' Friends. It's time to cruise to Gibbs Gardens and celebrate St. Paddy's Day! And if your not sure what St Pattys day is, you might want to GOOGLE it.

EVERYBODY get's to be Irish for a day!!

There's also a strong possibilty you'll be guided to any number of drinking establishments.

But while the truly Irish will be at a distillery in Ireland, look whats in store for you! Keithsburg Cafe.

You won't want to miss the first group of blooming daffodils and the, and I quote, "warm-weather-popping-out of flowers" in a beautiful mountain garden. And as if being Irish for a day wasn't enough? Were planning an Irish breakfast with real Irish Coffee! Passengers only.

Let's plan to meet at 9:00 AM (Paula's working to arrange for a table together). After breakfast we will slowly but purposefully cruise on in too the Gardens. Be forewarned they don't distinquish between the Irish and members. If you are a member, no problem! All others an admission charge $20/person.

Now there's a special group of us, Irish or not who qualify as Seniors. Hard to imagine I know. For you, it's like the Irish lottery, 20 potatos or $18.00. But you must be 65 or older! On the upside, if you act like a child under 2 it could be free. To be honest were not certain potatos will work.

The grounds at Gibbs Gardens are beautiful. Serene and glowing with color and daffodils. Awesome views, a photographer's dream! Walking is easy at the gardens (unless its' not). As Irish luck would have it there's a trolley (well really a tram) driven by lepricans aimlessly but carefully headed towards the Manor House. We cannot guarantee the same leprican will trolley/tram you back, but near the parking you'll find the Arbor Cafe. We'd like you to join us there for lunch.

Coincidentally, regardless of your heritage (Irish for a day or not) it's encouraged to pre-order lunch for groups of 10 or more, so don't hesitate to respond early. Being Irish on an empty stomach is dangerous no matter who you are.

There's a group rate of $16.00 per person - but it excludes members, so get in on this soon! Don't despair if your not under the age of 2 a tweener or a senior ~~ there's FREE PARKING.

Directions to Keithsburg Cafe

Paula Vopelak - Vice President